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New Study; High Salinity in Texas Groundwater


Aggressive Water Technologies believes in sharing relevant information that is applicable to the general public as well as individuals who work in the Water Purification and Water Treatment industries. In this blog, we wanted to focus on a recent study that has found an increased threat of high salinity, particularly so in Texas groundwater. Below is the article as it was published back in November from Water Tech Online.

  COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A new study from Texas A&M AgriLife Research has found that the degradation of potable groundwater is a growing concern in Texas as about 15 percent of domestic wells are at risk of high salinity, according to an article on

The study, "Temporal Evolution of Depth-stratified Groundwater Salinity in Municipal Wells in the Major Aquifers in Texas," used the Texas Water Development Board's groundwater quality database from 1960 to 2010, the article reported.

Water quality issues have been reported across the state, due to a rise in concentration of sulfates, chlorides, fluorides, nitrates and total dissolved solids; the latter of which is a measure of salinity, noted the article.

 "As the importance of groundwater resources continues to rise in the future; and as more of our freshwater reserves are affected by rising salinity and other harmful constituents, findings of this study will aid the groundwater and natural resources managers as well as general public to understand geographic distribution and relative extent of groundwater salinization of the state's drinking water resources and plan for appropriate management actions," said Dr. Srinivasulu Ale, AgriLife Research geospatial hydrology assistant professor, who worked on the study with Dr. Sriroop Chaudhuri, his post-doctoral research associate.

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