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System Benefit

• Easy recognition of size by colour
• Easy verification of coupling [lock/unlock] status at a long distance
• All white system
• Removable and re-usable without damage to plumbing or fittings
• Light weight for easy handling at sites
• Strong Gripping suitable for heating systems
• Lot Tracing on all products
• Pipe fittings provide easy installation in hard access areas
• No risk of flame or fire from a blowtorch
• Permanent anti-leak connection
• No corrosion
• No scale deposits
• Low heat diffusion ensures safe surface temperature
• Plumbing flexibility reduces the risk of burst under freezing temperature
• No lead, non toxic
• Patent Pending
• Use of COLLET LOCKING CLIPS not required

Tube Insert
We recommend the use of tube insert for PEX pipe connections with Twistloc® fittings.
Fittings & Valves Performance

Max. Working Pressure @ Max. Working Temp.

250psi @ 73.4˚F   150psi @ 140˚F   100psi @ 180˚F

17bar @ 23˚C      10bar @ 60˚C     6.9bar @ 82.2˚C