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Twistloc® fittings and valves that make installing water treatment equipment much easier. Contact Aggressive Water Technologies, the Canadian distributor.

Quality-First Production

Quality- First Production

  • Total quality control is applied to the entire process from the beginning of the initial design process to production, final assembly, post production test and packaging ensuring the very best quality output.
  • Based on its quality performance, Twistloc® has been accredited by the world leading certification agencies.


Twistloc® which incorporates pressure combined system of push fit and compression, the twist and lock system is suitable for plumbing, local/home potable cold and hot water supply and central heating systems.

Twistloc® fittings are designed to be suitable for 1/4 - 1 1/8 dia. Copper, PEX and CPVC piping.
These products have been tested and approved in accordance with:

ASSE 1061-2006 and IGC 188 - 2004,
IGC 157 - 2007
ASME A112.81.1 and CSA B125.1 - 2005,
NSF/ANSI Standard 14 & 61
The specification of the products complies with the plumbing and heating building codes across Canada.

Quality Warranty for 25 Years

Twistloc® products under long-term test programs and strict quality standards are backed by a 25 year warranty provided that they are installed to a pipe which have been produced in conformity with the plumbing and heating standards in accordance with installation instructions provided by Twistloc. All products, Push-fit fittings carry a period of twenty-five [25] years and Valves are for ten [10] years limited warranty from the date of original shipment from your point of purchase.
All products are used in plumbing, potable water, and central heating systems. Read more here...


Characteristic about quality of the material

Polysulfone polymer for Twistloc®

Fittings have traditionally been made of materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel and otherplastics. Our fittings can outperform these materials, providing greater design freedom and lowercosts in hot water systems for plumbing and heating applications.

Our fittings material offers several advantages not available with others used for high-performancein hot water systems.

This tough, rigid, long-term hydrostatic strength thermoplastic has a high heat deflectiontemperature and maintains its properties over a wide temperature range. The hydraulic, dimensional and oxidative stability of our base material is superior to those of other engineering polymers.

Our fittings material can resist mineral build-up and corrosion, even in aggressive water environments. This was clearly seen in a field study in Cape Coral, Florida. Working in conjunction with a local code official, a home builder installed a PEX system in a home using fittings made from polysulfone.

In hot water systems, our fittings have very good resistance to prolonged exposure to chlorinated water at temperatures as high as 90˚C [194˚F] these materials could perform well in hot, chlorinated water delivery systems.

Our Twistloc® Fittings Features;

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High toughness and strength
  • Good environmental stress cracking resistance
  • High heat deflection temperature, 345˚F [174˚C]
  • Combustion resistance
  • Approved for food contact and potable water [NSF, KTW, WRASI]
  • Low creep


Twistloc Catalogue

Twistloc Catalogue 

View and / or print the Twistloc® Catalogue. Available in English / Francais. PDF Format size: 3Mb.