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Aggressive News

Nova Scotia bans importation of fracking water


Fracking, or fracturing, is a process used in mining to help extract minerals and gas or oil from the ground. Water under high pressure is used, as the term implies, to fracture the earth containing the valuable deposits. Scientist belive that in the process of fracking large amounts of contaniminated water are returned to the water table to eventiually find its way into neighbouring wells and drinking water soiurces.

It seems that every month there is a new fresh-water concern coming to the surface. You can help protect you and your family by installing one of our line of water treatment products. From water softeners to elaborate water iron filters, Excalubur Water Systems is your source for quality water treatment products.

New Water Resevoir for Estevan


Do you live in the Estevan Saskatchewan? In a recent press release it was announced MP Ed Komarnicki, Estevan MLA Doreen Eagles, and Estevan Mayor Roy Ludwig had come together to officially open Estevan, Saskatchewan’s new resevoir.

With the increasing demands on local city infrastructures city planners strive to stay ahead of residential and commercial water delivery and water treatment requirments.

As a resident of Saskatchewan you'll want to insure that the quality of water you consume is as good as it can be. A qualified plumber can easily install an Excalibur Water Systems water softener in your home or business today.

FirstEnergy Sued By Pennsylvania, West Virginia Landowners


Yet another case of big corporations contanimanting ground water. According to a press release, residents In Pennsylvania and West Virginia succesfully sued First Energy for " groundwater pollution, soggy yards and foundation damage they blame on a leaking coal ash impoundment and the 7-mile waste pipeline that feeds it".

In most cases the event that leads to a successful mitigation of water contanimation happens long before it's discovered. In the interim unsuspecting residents are exposed to the hazards of ingesting harmful contaminents.

Don't put yourself at risk, speak to our staff today about the benifits of residential water treatment.

Meet the Sociology of Water


Sociology of Water follows water availability and access all over the world and aggregates news articles, quotes and blog posts about water on its Twitter feed.

Sociology of Water recently tweeted about World Toilet Day, linked to a new blog post at Water Currents on how communities are adapting to unpredictable water and quoted water experts from news articles in The Guardian.


To see more of Sociology of Water's tweets follow @SocOfWater on Twitter. A link to more information about World Toilet Day can be found here at WaterAidUK.